Our Vision


We aim to build strong Vietnamese brands and expand our business throughout Vietnam and Asia



Our Mission


1.   Customer focus: An Van understand customers is the main contributor to company overall success. Excellent customer service helps us to create good reputation as well as draws more customers. So, we always ensure that all aspects of the company is to put customer's satisfaction first.


2.   Quality focus: We strive to exceed our customer satisfaction by continuously innovating and improving our products and services. We have a clear expectation on our products and services from our employees making sure that our product and service quality always maintained.


3.   Team focus: Teamwork is the key to any organizational success which has been proven in many corporations. We built the teams that are highly focused on their goals and try achieving superior results. The teams which are highly collaborated, motivated and innovated.


4.   People resources focus: We know that the employees are the most valuable assets in our company. They keep the company running and help to generate more revenue. Therefore, we develop a professional, dynamic and creative environment to our employees, increase their salary and giving them equal opportunities.


5.   Organizational learning focus: Knowledge is unlimited. Hence we are always learning; learn from our successes and mistakes as well as learning from the successes and mistakes of our competitors. Our five learning features: First are systems thinking. Second is personal mastery. Third are mental models. Fourth is shared vision and last is team learning.


Our Core Values


1.   Deliver a perfect service experience

At An van, everything worth doing is worth doing with a wow. We must to something that is above or beyond what’s expected. Whatever we do, we must have emotional impact on receiver.


2.  Promote and drive change

Being part of the growing company is that change is constantly. We must learn not only fear change but to embrace it enthusiastically and perhaps even more importantly to encourage and drive it. We must always plan and prepare for constant change. If we want to constantly stay ahead of our competition, we must continually change and keep them guessing. 


3.   Be creative and open-minded

We encourage you to take risks. We want everyone not be afraid to take risks, and not be afraid to make mistakes. Because If people are not making mistakes, that mean they are not taking enough risks. We encourage people to make mistake as long as they learn from them


4.   Pursue personal growth and learning

It’s important to constantly challenge and stretch yourself. It’s also important for employees to grow both personally and professionally. Everyone has ultimate potential that he/she not realizing. So, our goal is to unlock that potential, providing and training necessary skills to to help them challenge and stretch them to the new high.


5.   Build open and honest relationship through communication

Be a good listener as well as a good communicator. We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationship because that leads to trust and faith. We value strong relationship in all areas: with managers, customers, vendors, business partners, team-members and co-workers. Moreover, Strong relationship allows us to accomplish much more than we would be able to otherwise.


6.   Build a strong team and family spirit

We are more than just a team, we are a family. At Anvan, we want to create an environment that is warm, friendly and exciting. We encourage diversity in ideas opinion, and point of views. We want more than just a team. We want to be a family. We want to watch out for each other, care for each other and go above and beyond for each other because we believe in each others.


7.   Be passionate and enthusiastic

We value passion, enthusiasm, determination, perseverance, and senses of urgency. Passion is the fuel that drives our self and our company forward. Passion and determination are contagious. We believe in having a positive and optimistic attitude in everything we do because we realize that this inspires others to have the same attitude. There is excitement in knowing that everyone you working with has a tremendous impact on larger dreams and vision.


8.   Be humble

Humility is doing something out of goodness of your heart, not by yourself. While we celebrate our individual and team success, we are not arrogant nor do we treat others differently from how we want to be treated. Instead, we carry our self with a quite confidence because we believe that in the long run, character will speak for its self. 


Strategic Objectives


1.   Successfully open 50 restaurants and 10 fitness centers throughout Vietnam by 2019

2.   Become one of the market leaders in F&B and Fitness Industry by 2019

3.   Having the profit margin of 20% for Restaurant and 30% for Fitness Business

4.   Building the best OKR system in Vietnam



Spirits of An Van


Growth has no limit at An Van. It keeps revising our vision bigger and stronger.


We have think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one's monopoly.


Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambitions have to be higher. Our commitment has to be deeper. And our efforts have to be greater. This is our dream for An Vạn and for Vietnam


We will work with determination to reach perfection, success will follow.


We will pursue our goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversities into opportunities.


Between the past, the present and the future, there is one common factor: Relationship and Trust. This is the foundation of our growth.


Meeting the target is not good enough, exceeding the target is expectation.


Don't give up, courage is our conviction.


We bet on people, the biggest asset of the company. We only hire the best people, nurture them and inspire them to success. These highly-motivated people are the core values of An Van Family.