Underpinning Anvan's commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and the pursuit of a sustainable future – economic, social and environmental – the General Business Principles set out guiding principles on integrity and ethics in busines


1 General commitment

Anvan's mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives. Providing Vietnamese people with better products and services to meet international standard! Anvan wishes to be a responsible partner in society, acting with integrity towards its shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, competitors, governments and their agencies, and others who can be affected by its activities. Anvan duly observes the applicable rules of the law of the countries in which it operates and regularly reviews its interests and those of affected persons

or entities in order to ensure a healthy, long-term relationship with them.

1.1 Human rights

With due regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that all parties in society, including corporate persons, have a duty to respect and safeguard human rights, and within the framework of the legitimate role of business, Anvan supports and respects human rights and strives to ensure that its activities do not make it an accessory to infringements of human rights.

1.2 Child, bonded and forced labor

Under no circumstances will Anvan make use of forced or bonded labor, nor will it employ children in violation of Conventions no. 138 and no. 182 of the International Labour Organization.

1.3 Free market competition

Anvan supports the principle of free market competition as a basis for conducting its business and observes applicable competition laws and regulations.

1.4 Product safety

Anvan aims, at all times, to supply safe products and services.

1.5 Privacy

The privacy of personally identifiable information about customers, employees, business partners and other individuals will be protected.

1.6 Environmental protection

Consistent with its commitment to sustainable development, Anvan will do all that is reasonable and practicable to

minimize any adverse effects of its activities on the environment.


2 Commitment towards customers

Anvan is driven to improve people’s lives. Its goal is to constantly delight each customer with breakthroughs both large and small.To this end, the company seeks to maintain an ongoing dialogue with its customers. Anvan is committed to listen to and learn from them, so that it is able to design and deliver the solutions they really want and need. Anvan will always deal with its customers in a fair and forthright manner, maintaining the highest levels of integrity.


3 Commitment towards shareholders

It is of central importance to Anvan to conduct its operations in accordance with the highest standards of internationally

accepted principles of good corporate governance. Anvan aims to achieve a satisfactory return on equity, with the

intention of maintaining a sustainable dividend payment to shareholders, while at the same time retaining sufficient funds in the company to generate profitable growth. Anvan attaches great value to its relations with its shareholders and

the financial markets and provides timely, regular and reliable information on its activities, structure, financial position and performance.


4 Commitment towards employees

Anvan values its employees as a key resource.An atmosphere of good employee communication, involvement and responsibility is of central importance, and an employee’s personal development and optimum use of talents is encouraged.

4.1 Right to organize

Anvan recognizes and respects the freedom of employees to choose whether or not to establish, or to associate with, any organization. Anvan respects – within the framework of (local) law, regulations and prevailing labor relations and employment practices – the right of its employees to be represented by labor unions and other employee

organizations, and Anvan will engage in negotiations, either on its own behalf or through employers’ associations, with a view to reaching agreement on employment conditions.

4.2 Health and safety

An Van will do all that is reasonable and practicable to protect the health and safety of its employees.

4.3 Equal and fair treatment

Every employee has equal opportunities and will be treated equally in employment and occupation regardless of personal background, race, gender, nationality, age, sexual preference or religious belief.The same applies to the recruitment of employees. Anvan strives to offer equal pay for equal work performed at equal levels at similar locations. No form of harassment or discrimination will be tolerated.

4.4 Wages and payment

Remuneration and working hours shall comply with local labor laws and shall at least be in line with prevailing industry norms.


5 Commitment towards suppliers and business partners

Anvan pursues mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers and business partners. It seeks to awards business to suppliers and business partners who are committed to act fairly and with integrity towards their stakeholders and who observe the applicable laws of the countries in which they operate.


6 Assets and information

6.1 Use and protection of assets

Each employee is responsible for the proper use, protection and conservation of Anvans´ assets and resources as well as confidential information disclosed to Anvan by its business partners. Anvans’ assets and resources, as well as an opportunities arising by virtue of one’s position, are to b used solely to pursue and achieve Anvan´ goals and not for personal benefit.

6.2 Improper disclosure

Anvan regards information for the purpose of its business as a corporate asset that must be protected against loss,

infringement and improper use and disclosure. Anvan is committed not to make use of information disclosed to it by a third party if it is suspected that the discloser thereby violates an obligation of confidentiality

6.3 Insider trading

All employees shall comply with Anvan’ insider trading rules. This means that non-public information which might influence the market price of Anvan shares shall be kept in strict confidence until publicly released by authorized management. Furthermore, employees who have sensitive information which could influence the price of Anvan shares and related rights, must refrain from directly or indirectly executing transactions in Anvan shares and related rights.Additionally, employees have to comply with statutory rules and regulations concerning insider trading with respect to securities of other listed companies.


7 Business integrity

7.1 Bribery; records of transactions

Anvan insists on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business. Bribes in any form are unacceptable. Anvan strives to comply with the highest levels of transparency and accountability throughout the company. Records of transactions should be maintained in an accurate complete and timely manner in accordance with Anvan accounting principles. No unrecorded funds or assets should be established or maintained.

7.2 Third-party interests

Employees are not allowed to have any direct or indirect financial interest in a supplier or competing company wit the exception of a financial interest in a publicly traded company.


8 Observance of the General Business Principles

8.1 Sanctions

All Anvan employees must comply with the General Business Principles.Violation may lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal, notwithstanding any further civil or criminal action that may be taken.

8.2 Whistleblower policy

In order to promote the reporting of violations of the General Business Principles, a whistleblower policy is in place, enabling employees to submit complaints on an anonymous basis without fear of the complaints leading to disciplinary action.

8.3 Compliance

Compliance with the General Business Principles is monitored via a worldwide network of country and product division compliance officers,. Reporting on compliance with the General Business Principles is also an integral part of the Statement on Business Controls issued annually by the management of each business unit/department as part of a cascade process leading to CEO/CFO certification of the company’s annual accounts. Compliance processes and procedures are audited by Anvan’ Corporate Internal Audit department.