Sticking to a tree: For tens of millions of chips per month

11:53:53 18/07/2012
Under a green tree with dozens of restaurants to live a living. With its prime location, lush green trees, many small businesses have earned tens of millions per month through the original trees.


  Go to the Ngoc Khanh, in front of the hotel Hanoi trade, as well as fork Ngoc Khanh, Nguyen Cong Hoan, many people gasped at the huge old tree root located right way. And suddenly more than ten million annual sales that exceed stick tree rows are obtained each day. So, people here still call this tree billions.

Now widely crossroads, the wide tree foliage, there are nearly a dozen shops trading under the tree indicates the type of goods: bread kebap, sugarcane juice, iced tea, groceries, even the car wash and repair . Nguyen Thi Thinh, sugarcane juice under a tree, said: Normally I sell from sangs to 10pm. Each month, in addition to paragraph 2 million to pay for electricity and some other service, I earned about ten million.
Not in a position such as tree wells road, but people ward Nam Dong (Dong Da district, Hanoi), then no one knows nacre tree and casuarina trees ancient existence for decades in the market area of wards. It is not only known for 3 people hugging diameter NEVER-ENDING crisis but also because of victories through the rise and super high income.
Bám gốc cây: Kiếm dăm chục triệu mỗi tháng
Under this ancient origin of nacre, a famous tea sales exceed a hundred million and two grocery shops no less profitable edge. (Photo: PH)



According villagers here, small area narrowest under a tree which bring about many most profit in Hanoi is the root trees nacre at market area Nam Dong. ½ area around trees where sales of a tea shop in Thailand. With position immediately side of the road, customary back cool half though outdoor have 39-40 0C, and famous delicious should each day have hundreds real guests to customary though it only area approximately 8, 9m2, contortions according trunk .
At 4am on a working day of the week, but the number of tourists there are nearly 20 people and constantly have new arrivals. Quan must mobilize to 5 employees serving waiter, sort of traffic. An employee of the restaurant revealed, leading this famous restaurant in Hanoi, with 13,000 VND / glass, a sale to a few hundred cups, sometimes up to 500 cups per month, the landlady has a hundred million revenue .
Besides the tea, add two stores in the area around the tree remaining lease sell groceries all month she has a million and take tens of safes.
Just South of Market area Dong, a money tree nacre billion over 30 meters in the casuarina trees is no less economic effect.
Dưới tán phi lao, 5 -6 quán chia nhau kinh doanh. (Ảnh PH)
Under the canopy of casuarinas, 5 -6 business consistent split. (Photo PH)



People recounted previously, some woman was settled by this tree the summer sale, winter sale which feed the children eat cake college. Currently, under a tree, up to 5, 6 divided the area of ​​restaurants around the plant for trade.
Viewed from above just as we divide a round cake into 5 or 6 pieces. The butcher, who sold fish, fruit and vegetable workers. Hanh, a sales person to share here: The sellers here are leased locations, each with a different price, others do not know how many months but I always over millions paid to trees. But when asked who is the host plant can not be said Hanh.
Men around the lake side of the road Ho Dac Di, but not many surprises from the value of the green line here. From the property of their turn, to an area near the embassies, international organizations, many people see the scene of the barber shop, ice tea sales sufficiency principle, working under the tree green. Despite sunny street to the fire, so is the lush green trees, the barber seem affected.
Quán nước độc đáo và hút khách nhờ bám hai cây đa râm mát. (Ảnh: PH)
The unique shops and tourists by sticking two shady tree. (Photo: PH)



Just under a tree is a kit consisting of a mirror mounted on the trunk, a seat for guests is finished. But here, we only earn money through the hundred, when embassies, international organizations about 5 meters, 200 meters turn right to continue to turn right, then tens of millions of people make money on the month. About planting trees along the lake is just over 10m customers consistent ideal of love birds and coffee. Observed at 10 of 30 journalists have to sit tight in the trunk cents.
More surprising, about 10m deep, many are not from surprised when sandwiched between two huge banyan tree is home to only about 8m. It is noteworthy that shade crisis has brought income for petty shops selling goods only three candy chips, a few glasses of iced tea, sunflower seeds and sugarcane juice.
Area about 30 m2 fully seated under a tree. Two sales staff was very young, running continuously for top young football up to 20 people and 5, and 7 retail customers. Do not disclose the price seats as well as monthly income, but the question nearly a dozen faux pas every day carrying sugarcane, especially these days the temperature increases enough to know what size employer income.


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