Visions and Missions

11:36:37 19/07/2012
We aim to build a strong Vietnamese brand and expand our business throughout Vietnam and Asia

Our Vision:


We aim to build a strong Vietnamese brand and expand our business throughout Vietnam and Asia


Our Missions:


Toward Customers: Our goal is to provide excellent products and services to customers  in international standards combined with local identities.


Toward Partners: An Van understands that reputation is the most important assets in every company nowadays. So our ultimate goal is to build trust with every partner. Everything An Van promises to our partners, we will do even it does not benefit us.


Toward Employees: An Van know that the employees are the most valuable assets in our company. They keep the company running and help to generate revenue. We will develop a professional, dynamic and creative environment to our employees, increase their salary and giving them equal opportunities.



Toward Environment: We aware of our environment and the importance of protecting it from attacks generated by  individuals and businesses. From this come to our environmental policies which we will try to do our best to reduce the problem of environmental impact and pollution


Toward Society: An Van realize the importance of helping the poor, elderly and orphan, so we always try to make active contributions to help making our society a better place for everyone. Making people pride of our national identity.

Our Core Values:


1. Passion: Be passionate about our company and about our brand, products and people, deliver superior value to partners and share holders


2. Risk Taking: Every employee is encouraged to take risk and get rewarded


3. Excellence: Build the best products and services to customers


4. Motivation: Celebrate success, recognising and rewarding the achievement of individual and team


5. Empowerment: Empower our talented employees to take the initiatives


6. Perseverance: Never give up, never stop, do whatever it takes to achieve our goal