Royal Qatar is investing to dominate the world?

11:57:15 18/07/2012
(AP) - While the world economy tanked because of recession, Qatar royal family are taking advantage of opportunities to acquire the world's leading brand. It seems that small country with only 2 million people are trying to dominate the world.


  For many people the name of Qatar seems to be known only after the country's unexpected win in 2022 to host the World Cup in a controversial, in the backlash of the British heavyweight opponent. Thinking of Qatar, many people believe that it was a less developed area in the desert.

But the fact that small country with less than 2 million people have per capita income highest in the world (according to the CIA), with 10% of the population are millionaires and are the investment is sought everywhere. Operating surplus from oil exports are being hit the Qatar royal family investment intensity as if they want to take over the world. Here are some typical business:
A. Media empire control the Middle East Al Jazeera
Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?


In 1996, Khalifa al Thani royal family, who seized power in Qatar huge fortune and owns billions of dollars have launched $ 140 million to launch TV channel Al Jazeera. Today this is one of the largest television station Middle East with about 200 million viewers worldwide. Estimates of the owners corporation has poured more than $ 1 billion here.
Two. Shareholders "big" banks Barclays
Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?
Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), unit investment manager of the Qatar royal family is the biggest shareholder in Barclays bank, a "great country" bankers of England and Europe. The QIA stake of around 5.8 to 6% after offload 35 million shares in 2009. Qatar has recently signed an agreement with Barclays to invest $ 250 million in research funds natural resources of this bank.
3. Shareholders "big" Swiss bank Credit Suisse
Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?
QIA holds 6.17% stake in Credit Suisse, Switzerland's largest bank and the big names of world banking. This year, the company's real estate investor Qatari Diar QIA is even spending 517 million to buy the entire bank's headquarters in London for Credit Suisse for lease.
4. Annexation of retail chain stores Harrods
Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?


In 2010, Qatar Holding, representing the president of the QIA was Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Qatar Al Thani launched to $ 2.35 billion to acquire retail chain of luxury Harrods in England. The Jaber al Thani has many great plans for this brand. One of them is to open a hotel in Kuala Lampur Harrods and later in New York and Paris.
In addition to brands, QIA also bought a lot of shopping centers worldwide. Most recently, the acquisition of a center right on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.
Five. Building luxury hotels throughout Europe
Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?

Katara Hospitality, hotel investment unit of Qatar is planning to buy four luxury hotels in France, including the Martinez in Cannes and the Concorde Lafayette in Paris. Katara is also building a 200-room hotel named Peninsula Hotel in Paris, a former French Foreign Ministry in the 1970s. In addition, Middle Eastern countries also are investors in the Excelsior Hotel Gallia Hotel in Milan and Zurich Schweizerhof

6. Acquired the property around London

Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?


In the past decade, Qatar royal family expressed special interest in real estate in London. A few years back, they poured capital into real estate, infrastructure and financial corporations You have exceeded $ 16 billion.
Prime minister of Qatar who helped build luxury villas One Hyde Park in London. And the only one who owns a penthouse apartment cost $ 63 million at most day.Moi, Qatari Diar with a partner bought the athletes village at Olympic Park in London for $ 906 million.

7. Huge investment in oil sector

Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?


Qatari Diar 2011 spent U.S. $ 466 million to acquire Shell's oil company Shell Centre of the Netherlands. Also QIA also bought significant amounts of stock in corporations with ownership rate is said to be 3-5%, put them into one of the largest shareholders of Shell. Besides, they also acquired 3% stake in energy group Total of France and is discussing the ability to invest in the "giants" of the Italian ENI oil.
8. Acquisition of luxury brands
Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?
Not only invest in real estate, oil, Qatar royal family recently purchased brand range of luxury consumer goods. Significantly, not to mention spending $ 861 million to buy 1% stake in corporate production surplus to Louis Vuitton, Moet and Hennessy (LVMH) in March this year. Recently the acquisition of Italy Valentino brand. Prior to 2009 QIA bought 10% stake in Porsche sports car company.
9. Buying and art collections
Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?


Royal Qatar has quietly purchasing a very large collection of modern art and built many museums for display. In 2008, Qatar hired the famous architect IM Pei to design the Museum of Islamic Art Doha heart of the capital. By 2013 more Qatar National Museum will be opened.
In the second museum, the tiny kingdom of Saudi origin will average mass collections world-renowned art, can compete with any museum in Europe. In 2007, Qatar has launched $ 73 million to buy his "Rockefeller" of Rothko, 400 million for the works of Koons and Warhol. Besides Qatar also purchased 11 works by Rothko from other collectors with a $ 310 million.
10. Corral the team celebrated
Hoàng gia Qatar đang đầu tư để chi phối toàn thế giới?


After failing to acquire the team like Manchester United or Everton FC of England, QIA has released money for the club Paris Saint-Germain of Paris and continually "pump" money to recruit the brightest star. There are also sponsorship contract "super terrorist" $ 232 million to Barcelona to promote the brand.

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